***No Account set-up fee***

Regular service customers are on an “auto-pay” program, using either Credit/Debit card, or invoicing by PayPal.  All other services can be paid in advance using these options or cash.  Valley Poop Patrol will not accept checks.  Payment expected before services are rendered.

 I PROUDLY SUPPORT OUR TROOPS save 10% if you are active duty.  I also PROUDLY SUPPORT LAW ENFORCEMENT and you will also save 10% on my services.


 On vacation?  I will adjust your monthly bill accordingly!

There may be a “One time clean-up” charge to be determined at your initial inspection/estimate, or for customers signing up in the winter, as snow cover melts and/or during break-up.

**Note** the rates listed below are for SMALL YARDS AND DOG RUNS.  VPP will not service yards that have the following: (weeds, leaves *covering yard*, long grass, tree & shrub shoots, seedlings, landscape rock 3/4 plus or larger, woodchips, etc.)…Yards must be maintained and cared for.  VPP will also not scoop under low hanging decks.  Expect the rates to be  higher if you have a larger yard.  Rates differ depending on the size of yard, number of dogs, and frequency of service.  **These rates DO NOT include the applicable Wasilla/Palmer sales taxes**  PAYMENT MUST BE RECEIVED PRIOR TO  SERVICE BEING PROVIDED.

             I am not providing service to Sutton or Knik River area at this time.   Also I provide very limited service(s) to parts of Big Lake & Houston.

# of dogs    Once a week      Average Monthly Billing
1                                                            $60.00
2                                                           $75.00
3                                                           $90.00
4                                                           $105.00

● Please note that usual clean-up time should be within 10 – 15 minutes.  If yards require more time, a spring clean-up may be necessary.

**2% Sales tax added to all City of Wasilla Accounts

**3% Sales tax added to all City of Palmer Accounts

**2% Sales tax added to all City of Houston Accounts

Valley Poop Patrol reserves the right to refuse service to individuals who are out of compliance with any section of MSB Title 24, especially the sections that cover “Sanitary Enclosure” and “Humane Animal Care”.