Pet Care and House Watch services


**limited availability** 

Valley Poop Patrol continues to offer these two convenient services.   I have received regular requests from friends throughout my years in Alaska to help them with both of these services.

The PET CARE service will be perfect for those who have cats, and dogs who have access to their yards via dog doors.  I will provide a ONCE A DAY service for both PET CARE and HOUSE WATCH services.  **Fish, bird, rabbit, and chicken care also considered on a case by case basis**.

Basic Pet care includes:


Clean litter (additional fee will apply if done less than daily)

If eligible, pooper scoop

Quality playtime

Exterior House Watch

Interior House Watch

Basic Interior House Watch includes:

Interior security check

Rotate lights/blinds/shades

Rotate the playing of television/radio

Water plants (up to 3, additional fee for more)

Run faucets & flush toilets

Bring delivered packages and door flyers inside

Basic Exterior House Watch includes:

Exterior security check

Insure all gates & doors are locked

Look for signs of tampering

Take garbage to curb when requested

Lay a set of tire tracks (winter)

Look for signs of unexpected footprints/tire tracks

Water plants (case by case basis)

PET CARE RATES – include: feed & water PLUS pic(s) and video clip(s) sent to you while you are away!

**additional fuel fee will apply to locations outside of “core” area**

1 dog = $35/day (additional dog $10/day up to 4 dogs total)

1 cat = $25/day (additional cat $5.00/day up to 4 cats total)

 Note:  Pooper Scooper service is available only for clean yards that are scooped on a regular daily/weekly basis.  This service is not available to yards that require remedial clean-up.

Litterbox clean-up is FREE with DAILY service!  If you want other than daily service and if you have more than ONE cat/kitten, there will be an additional charge of  $5.00 – $10.00/clean-up.*

**The basic Pet Care package includes basic Exterior & Interior House Watch services**

***Additional charge may apply for item(s) not listed***


**additional fuel fee will apply to locations outside of “core” area**

$20/day includes exterior security check – verify security of all windows and doors (see above list)

Recommended for Winter!  Let me lay a set of tire tracks on your driveway to help make your house look occupied!

HOUSE WATCH RATES – INTERIOR (includes exterior service)

**additional fuel fee will apply to locations outside of “core” area**

$25.00/day includes alternating lights left on, open/close shades as directed, water plants (up to 3) – additional plants are $0.50/plant), run faucets and flush toilets, radio and or television operation as directed, bring delivered packages inside, take garbage to curb.  (See above list)

A la carte… 

There will be additional fees for items not listed above

The health of your pet(s) matter to me as well as my regular customers.  I will not provide Pet Care services for sick pets.  ALL pets must have current vaccination and worming records.  DOGS:  Rabies, Bordetella (kennel cough), and parvo.  CATS: Rabies, Rhinotracheitis, Panleukopenia, Calici, Chlamydia, feline leukemia vaccines.